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Is A Work-Sponsored Health Insurance Plan My Best Option?

If your employer offers health insurance, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy it. Employees can choose to leave an employer-sponsored group plan in favor of Obamacare – the health insurance market. Do you know your best option? Each one has its pros and cons. What Are the Advantages of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance? In most cases, workplace health insurance is less costly than an... Read Article

How Seeing A Dentist Can Improve Your Overall Health

Most people know that seeing a dentist regularly is good for oral health and the appearance of your smile. But not everyone knows that it can also improve your overall health. Oral health is more important than most people realize. The Connection Between Oral Health and Overall Health Oral health provides clues about your general health, and problems in the mouth can affect the entire... Read Article

Changing Your Health Insurance After Marriage Or Divorce

Generally, you can only enroll in a health insurance plan during open enrollment or during a special enrollment period brought about by a qualifying event. Both marriage and divorce are considered qualifying events. Understanding when you are eligible to make changes is key to avoiding high-cost health insurance coverage or paying medical bills on your own. How Can You Change Your Health Insurance If You... Read Article

Will My Health Insurance Cover Me Outside The Country?

If you are planning to travel abroad, you may be wondering if your health insurance will cover you in case of a medical emergency. The answer is, it depends on your policy. Your first step is to contact your health insurance carrier to find out if your medical coverage extends outside the U.S. If it does not, or if coverage is insufficient, our knowledgeable agent... Read Article

What Exactly Is Short-Term Disability?

Short-term disability insurance protects you in case you become ill or injured and can’t work for several months. This type of coverage, in addition to health insurance, can help protect your financial future. Speak with a knowledgeable agent at Health Planning Associates, LLC. in Macon, Georgia about a short-term disability policy. What Is Short-Term Disability Insurance? If you become disabled temporarily due to illness or... Read Article